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The Colbert Report

The incident in Utah where two guys were harassed and arrested on mormon property made it to the Colbert Report.

It is truly excellent. Give it a watch.

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Nailed ‘Em – Mormon Church Trespassing
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If you want more information about this story, go Here and Here

Howard Stern vs. Kirk Cameron

If you are an atheist, you probably already know about the kid from the TV show “Growing Pains” who became a fundamentalist christian.

Watch as Howard Stern takes him down.

Interview with Frans de Waal

And now for some reading material. American Scientist has An Interview with Frans de Waal about the evolutionary basis for empathy and collaboration.

This article is a good one to have around when you confront christians who say that we would all be murderers and rapists if god didn’t exist.

Much thanks to @CS999 for telling me about the article.

I just read an article by a catholic priest that I had to comment on

The King Who Did Not Bow Down

I left the following comment at the web site. I was good. I avoided any use of profanity, etc. in order to comply with the policy of the site.

Still, I am not sure that the comments will be posted, so I will post them here as well.

My kingdom does not use coercion, it is not imposed.” Really?

This from a church who just spent millions of dollars to impose their view of marriage upon an entire group of people.

What prevents us from being free?” You ask.

In the case of many gay, lesbian, and transgender people the answer to that question would include the catholic church.

Maybe the church should follow it’s own teachings instead of trampling on the rights of other people.

It really amazes me that people who have spent so much time and money supporting discrimination still see themselves as advocates for freedom and justice.

I guess after two thousand years of defending such ridiculous things as the trinity, you can defend just about anything.

Update – Well, my comments never showed up at the sight. I wonder if it was something I said.

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