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Taoiseach Enda Kenny on attempts by the catholic church to frustrate the Cloyne Report, and to downplay the rape of children.

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Jamie Kilstein on Gay Marriage, with Lewis Black, Ron White, and Kathleen Madigan

Found via @mal-luck on Tumblr.

Church to say sorry for forced adoptions

In Australia, the healthcare arm of the catholic church is apologizing for forced adoption practices where newborn babies were forcibly removed from their mothers, and placed for adoption. According to the article, at least 150,000 women had their babies stolen from them.

Australia isn’t alone in this travesty. Look at the Magdalene houses in Ireland. Many of the women placed in these houses also had newborn babies removed from them. In addition, they were often forced into hard labor at these houses to punish them for having a child out of wedlock.

Whenever the catholic church works to destroy reproductive freedoms, they often prattle on about the “dignity of women”. Apparently, having the freedom to control your own body somehow destroys this dignity, and the catholic church is simply protecting women from themselves.

It’s pretty obvious that the catholic church thinks that women are not capable of managing their lives. Whether it’s the decision to have sex, use contraception, or have an abortion. Whether it’s the decision to keep a child, or place the child for adoption. The church knows what’s best.

The church can throw around words like dignity all they want, but their true intentions are obvious. There is nothing dignified about having your freedoms trampled on. There is no dignity when an adult is treated like a child who is inherently incapable of making good decisions.

Sure, they’re apologizing now to soothe the public outrage over forced adoptions. They can no longer get away with such things in Australia. In other parts of the world, it wouldn’t surprise me if the church is still involved with such practices. They’re only sorry in Australia because they got caught.

When it comes to contraception or abortion, however, the church still demands total control over the lives of women everywhere. They spend large sums of money to ensure such control by passing legislation that destroys reproductive freedoms. Fifty years from now, I wonder if they will be apologizing for that.

Originally posted on Shadow Songs

A few days ago, my atheist twitter account was followed by some christian group for young adults. I occasionally get followed by christians, and I always wonder why. It can’t be much fun to see their religion mocked on a regular basis.

It was a slow day, and I was curious, so I looked through their tweets. What I found was pretty typical: bible quotes and meeting announcements. As I scrolled through their timeline though, I started to find retweets from various homophobic christians. After being on twitter for a few years, I’ve encountered many of the biggest homophobes, so I recognise their names immediately.

Near the bottom of their timeline, I actually found a recommendation for one of the most virulent homophobes on twitter as a “faith builder”. To be fair, I did not find anything in their timeline that even mentioned homosexuality. However, you are known by the company you keep, and recommending a raging homophobe to your followers is enough to get on my bad side. As such, I added them to my bigots and assholes list, and went on my merry way.

Apparently, the owners of the twitter account didn’t appreciate being listed, and they decided to use it as an opportunity to share some christian love. First, they informed me that I am making assumptions due to my personal bias. Then, they told me that I am unique, and that they would rather make a friend than force their beliefs on someone. All told, this was about the most truth I’ve ever received from a christian. I am unique, just like every other person on the planet. I also have a very strong bias against christianity, and the people who practice it.

I’ve spent my entire life listening to christians tell me what a piece of shit I am. That I’m an abomination. That I’m sick and disgusting. I have heard them say that people like me should be deported, locked up, or even killed because we will destroy any country that tolerates us. We destroy heterosexual marriages. We corrupt children by recruiting them into our filthy lifestyle. I have heard all of this, over and over again, my entire life.

I have also watched them spend huge sums of money, and large amounts of their time, to deprive us of the most basic human rights. And, I have seen them drive too many people to commit suicide in an effort to cure them. As a result, it’s not all flowers and puppies whenever I happen to come into contact with a member of that horrible religion.

When someone tells me that they’re a christian, I cringe. All of my walls go up. To be honest, I am physically and viscerally repulsed by them. Sure, I know that not all christians are bigoted homophobes. I also know that there are many queer christians, and liberal denominations that support the rights of gender and sexual minorities.

However, that knowledge does not change the strong emotional reaction I experience when I encounter a christian. I do find it curious that the members of an institution which has spread so much hatred and caused so much suffering are actually shocked by my reaction. Do they really think that their actions will have no consequences?

Needless to say, the offer of friendship from a christian didn’t leave me jumping for joy. My response was actually: “If there’s one thing I know it’s that christians aren’t my friend. Never have been. Never will be. Whole lotta misery I don’t need.

At this point, the person running the account started tweeting me from their personal account instead. I guess he didn’t want the church account caught up in an argument. It might not look good to potential suckers, uh, converts.

After pointing out that the church account was retweeting and recommending some of the biggest homophobes on twitter, I received a reply from the church account saying: “why do you keep twting me if it’s just to insult? I RT a quote, an idea, not the people..if you have a problem talk to them“. The church account also unfollowed me.

From the personal account, he replied to tell me that I’m spewing too much negativity. As he put it: “you believe you are part of the solution, but you’re the problem.” Essentially, his tweets to me amount to nothing more than a big, giant shut the fuck up. All of it said in the nicest possible way, of course. As a christian, I’m sure he would never resort to something so horrible as profanity.

There is much that I find hilarious in all of this. First of all, I only became aware of the church account after they started following me. I replied to them because they started tweeting me. I also love that they consider it an insult for me to point out that they are recommending a hate filled bigot to their followers. How dare I do such a thing. I guess that’s why I’m the problem.

Looking through the timeline of both the church account and the personal account, I could not find a single instance where they have called out any of the numerous homophobic christians on twitter for spreading hatred. Apparently, negativity is not a problem for them when it comes in the form of bigotry from a hate filled christian. Hell, they might even recommend such a person. It’s only a problem when I say something negative about their religion. I am the problem. How dare I be angry, or negative. How dare I be offended by their associations.

Oh, well. If the solution is for me to sit down and shut the fuck up, then a problem I will continue to be. In fact, I think it will be my new mantra.

I am the problem.

I am the problem.

I AM the problem.

Then again, maybe not. Chanting that would just make me feel silly. I guess I’ll just get on twitter, and spread some more negativity around.

Originally posted on Shadow Songs

Kavindu “Kavi” Ade performing IT


Miles Walser

It’s a nice day outside. A nice day for a walk. A nice day to go to the park. To enjoy the relaxing calm of wandering aimlessly. Feeling a gentle breeze touch my face. I hate that the thought of doing something so simple now fills me with so much dread.

On the outside, I’m male. I look male, but I have never felt that way. Right now, I have nail polish on my fingernails. I love how it makes my hands look. Should I remove it before going out? Probably. Should I wear the clothes I love? A long skirt to catch the breeze? Probably not.

If I remove the nail polish, wear guy shorts and a t-shirt, I can fit in. The dread goes away. Barring a sudden change in the weather, my walk will be without incident, and I can relax. Of course, I will also feel sad. I will also feel wrong, and I will spend most of the walk wishing I had more courage.

I know that I have no real rights in this country. Real rights are inalienable, but my “rights” are subject to a vote. They can be given, and taken away, on a whim. My whole life is like that: subject to the whim of every straight, cisgendered person I meet. Even something as simple as a walk in the park.

If I dress in the way that makes me feel complete, what will I experience today? Will it be a stare of confusion from the people I meet? Will it be a stare of disgust? Will it be the whispered conversations of the people who pass me? Will someone shout faggot, or say it under their breath? Will I be attacked, beaten, or even killed?

Whatever happens, it won’t be up to me. I don’t get to have that kind of control over my life. It will be up to each of them. Of course, whatever happens, it will still be my fault. I was asking for it. Just look at the way I’m dressed. How the fuck did I expect them to react?

Yeah. It’s a nice day out, but I think I’ll just stay inside.

Originally posted on Shadow Songs

Brought to you by the Great Old Ones

I ordered a copy and I prayed about it, so I know that the promise is true. First, I felt a burning in my bosom. Ohh, how it burned. Horrible pain penetrating my very being, scarring my mind, twisting the very reality around me. Ugly, wretched, and terrible it was. Raw reality. Unadorned by the petty illusions we humans create to protect our sanity.

That was when I knew ….

So please, order your free copy today. Pray about it, and find out for yourself.

Remember, the Old Ones are waiting. Don’t keep them waiting. They hate that.

Lately, I’ve noticed something. I occasionally come across people on twitter making homophobic comments. Of course, these people all tend to be on the nuttier side of christianity. No surprise there. And, of course, I often call them out on it using a sprinkling of profanity, blasphemy, and personal insults. What can I say? It is my way.

Now, most of these people block me, but a few of them actually try to defend their nasty little statements. Amazingly enough, all of them seem to take a similar approach. First, they try to reassure me that they are in no way homophobic, and that they certainly have no dislike for gay people. An assertion which is, of course, completely at odds with the putrid little tweets that somehow appeared on their twitter feed. Hmmm, what to believe? Should I accept their declaration of innocence, or trust in the 140 character chunks of homophobic goodness that sit before me?

More surprising, though, is that they all claim to have gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender friends who would completely disagree with my perception of their alleged homophobia. My horribly wrong assessment of their previous tweets must simply be a failure of perception on my part. Maybe I’m simply too sensitive. Maybe I have anger issues, and could use a bit of counseling. Unlike all of their perfectly well adjusted gay friends. As should be obvious, said friendships are also offered as proof that they can not be the least bit homophobic. As they made perfectly clear to me, some of their best friends are gay.

Now, I in no way mean to imply that the LGBT community marches in lockstep, or that we all agree on the same things. That would be ridiculous. I am sure that many people within the community would disagree with me on a wide variety of topics. Certainly, many disagree with my assessment of religion and christianity, and I am sure some would describe me as a loudmouthed pretentious asshole. Which is as it should be.

However, what I find myself incapable of believing is that every raging homophobe I meet has enough gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender friends to populate a pride parade. It just seems a bit far fetched. Is there, perhaps, just the smallest possible chance that they could be, I don’t know, really big fucking LIARS? You know, maybe, just a little? Ahh, but sorry. What was I thinking? Christians would never lie about something. Just ask the pope.

I, on the other hand, am an atheist. Of course, I have no morals, so there is nothing to prevent me from using such a tactic to win an argument. I can lie all I want. In fact, learning to lie while arguing with christians may be excellent practice for when I start to molest children. Hey, I’m queer. It’s inevitable. If I were a good person, I would have been a priest or something. You know, someone who would never harm a child.

So, with the freedom that comes from complete moral depravity, I have decided to take this very same approach when arguing with christians. In fact, I have decided to test this approach here in the hope that my fellow depraved unbelievers will find it beneficial. So, here we go.

Let me try this one for starters.

Sure, I expressed a desire to rebuild the Colosseum, hunt down christians, and feed them to hungry lions. That does not make me anti-christian. Some of my best friends are christians. Why would they be friends with me if they thought I hated them?

Or, how about this one.

I know you think that what I said was offensive, but some of my best friends are christians. Unlike you, they actually think it’s funny when I refer to Jesus as a brain sucking zombie. I mean, really, maybe you should just lighten up a bit. It was just a joke, after all.

And, one for the catholics.

Yes. I made a joke that involved a donkey, the virgin Mary, oral sex, some Roman centurions, and the body of Christ, but I really don’t understand what you’re so upset about. Some of my best friends are catholics, and they thought it was hilarious.


Just because I said that all christians should be in an asylum for constantly talking to themselves does not mean that I hate christians. I know that you believe you’re talking to some invisible bearded friend in the sky. I also know you believe that your invisible friend loves you with an infinite love, and that you must talk to him on a regular basis to prevent him from torturing you for all eternity. See, I do understand your religion. Some of my best friends are christians, and I have never had any of them committed. You can talk to your invisible friend all you want in the privacy of your own home. I just don’t see why you need to flaunt your insanity at my town council meetings, and please stop referring to it as “a personal relationship”. How can it be a relationship when you are really all alone? That’s just masturbation. Sorry, if you find the truth so offensive.

These are just a few ideas that I thought up in a pinch. Still a bit of a work in progress, you see. I’m sure that with time and effort, my days on twitter will be much more enjoyable now that I have found such a useful rhetorical tool. With that said, let me reassure all of my atheist friends here. The above statements contain a very big lie. I don’t have any friends who are christians. Not even I would sink that low.

It’s strange though. I’ve just noticed a slight twinge in my abdomen. I might even say some discomfort. I don’t really feel sick, per se. It’s more like, I feel somewhat dirty. Dirty deep down inside. Oh well, so much for my nefarious scheme. I guess the truth would be the better choice all around. Maybe we should simply drop the illusion of polite disagreement to express our true feelings. Christians should now refer to me as the evil perverted disease-ridden faggot who is destined for hell, and I will refer to them as the evil delusional stone-age fascist dumbfucks who worship a flying zombie.

Wow. That was refreshing. I feel better already.

Gay Muhammad Day

Well, I wasn’t able to participate in “Draw Muhammad Day” this year. Too much life stuff going on. Given that I have the artistic ability of an amoeba, the world will now be spared my feeble attempt at art.

Instead, allow me to present the following link for your viewing pleasure:

Gay Mohammad art censored

In the western world, various artists have made gay Jesus exhibits. Maybe Jesus and Muhammad can hook up sometime. Maybe a night of really good gay sex can end fourteen hundred years of religious strife between christianity and islam.

I bet Muhammad was a total bottom.

The pope song

The best synopsis of modern catholicism ever created.

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